Arizona car insurance must be acquired and shown if you are a resident in Arizona and plan to drive within the state. To become a resident of Arizona, one of the following conditions must be established:



Arizona car insurance from someone like can be established in two ways. The first is proof of liability insurance, which can be obtained from an insurance company. The second is a deposit certificate in the amount of $40,000 made out to the Office of the Arizona State Treasurer.


These two options are made available as a way of showing proof of financial responsibility, which really means you have the ability to pay for damages if you are involved in an accident.


Being caught driving without insurance will result in a monetary fine and you could face a suspension of your license or in the registration of your vehicle. Of course, repeated violations will result in more severe punishments.


Liability insurance is used to help pay for damages caused by an accident to someone’s property and their injuries, where you are the one at fault. There are minimum monetary values that your liability must cover, with the option of increasing your coverage amount.


In addition to liability cover, there are other optional coverage options that most insurers will offer their customers. The optional options may vary from company to company, but they typically include such options as collision coverage, medical payment coverage and comprehensive coverage.


Drivers who may have a problem obtaining insurance because of past incidents, can find help through the assigned risk plan. Since insurance is mandatory, the Arizona Automobile Insurance Plan is there to help high risk drivers obtain insurance.


The AAIP is similar to other auto insurance policies and can be provided by any insurance company. The premium rates are higher than normal policies, but they will let you drive legally in the state. If you are in the category of being a high risk driver, you’ll need to mention you’re applying for the AAIP policy to your insurance agent. Even though you are high risk, it could be worth it to shop around to find the cheapest deal available.