The internet has made getting Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Quotes as easy as literally making a few clicks on your mouse. Within a few seconds, you can have quotes from several different auto insurance companies. If you’re like most people, you go with the quote that has the lowest dollar amount. Who wants to put out a hefty amount of money each month? The problem with getting a bunch of quotes at the same time unless you visit someplace like is that not all Pennsylvania Auto Insurance quotes are created equal. In fact, you have to use extreme caution when shopping online for car insurance.

Usually when you use a site to put in what your requirements are for insurance, you think you’re going to get quotes back based on your specifications. In a perfect world, this would be true. However, be very careful that you read your policy before you digitally sign anything. Yes, it seems unfair, but some search engines return the lowest policy option available, but it won’t be according to what you entered.

For example, let’s say you want to have a minimum policy plus Comprehensive coverage as you want to be covered in case of fire, flood, or animal attack damage to your car. Even though you specify this in your search query, you may get a quote simply based on minimum liability coverage. You’re in the mindset of finding the cheapest insurance, so you click the lowest quote. You carry on thinking that you have the coverage you wanted, only to find out too late that you don’t have Comprehensive coverage.

Also remember when getting Pennsylvania Auto Insurance quotes that there are optional coverages that you have to ask for in order to get. Comprehensive, Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage, Accidental Death, Funeral, etc., are all available to you, but usually aren’t included in base auto insurance quotes. Typically, these quotes are based on the state mandated minimum insurance coverage. So, if you are wanting to have additional coverages, lower deductibles, or higher coverage amounts, then you should be sure to get in touch with an agent and be very clear on the types of coverages and coverage amounts that you want to get on your PA insurance policy.

Getting Pennsylvania Insurance quotes online is extremely convenient and saves you the hassle of going from company to company to apply for insurance in person. Just keep in mind that you have to ask about having additional policies, and you don’t want to take the quotes you’re given online as set in stone.