Cheap Web Hosting Hidden Pitfall

Cheap Web Hosting Hidden Pitfall

It seems that not many years ago, the average cost of a web host was worth 50.00 or more per month. Fortunately, in recent times, as newer and more efficient technology arose, and competition grew almost as fast as the Internet itself, the cost of hosting has diminished. Now, even with the smallest of the budgets, only anyone can start an online business or just use the web for personal use.

Along with new technology and user friendly tools, the need for technical expertise to build a website is no longer necessary, or at least for most people, a quality and attractive website can be built with just the most basic knowledge of HTML.

When choosing any web host, make sure you get the tools that best serve you. Make sure you have enough support available and do your best to see which other sites they host. You can even consider sending emails to other customers and requesting their opinions about the service.

But where are the dangers of cheap hosting? The danger is because many do not understand the basic basics of hosting. The majority of people with limited technical knowledge just look at how much space they have for each account. Many cheap hosts provide large amounts of space. Plenty of space for graphics, music, streaming video and much more.

So whats the problem? A lot of space for your files sounds like a lot. Theoretically, its a good deal. But in terms of storage space, it may be expensive when choosing a hosting company. Looking at web hosting offers the extra consideration you have to consider that bandwidth is usually called transfer and usually misunderstood by many no nuisance newcomers.

Simply put, bandwidth or transfer is the amount of data transferred from your web host via the network to your site visitors. In other words, lets suppose you have a movie on your site that is 3 gigabytes. A visitor to your site downloads or streams the movie through the network. You have just used 3 gigabytes of your monthly assigned bandwidth or transfer.

Now, suppose you have ten such movies on your site and each movie is downloaded to a visitor ten times a day. Lets add the amount of bandwidth you are going to use. Lets suppose you have 10 movies with 3 gigabytes each for a total of 30 gigabytes. Each of your 10 visitors will pick up all 10 of your movies. Each visitor will use 30 gigabytes of your monthly allocation. It would be a total of 300 gigabytes for that day. In 5 days it would be 1500 gigabyte bandwidth.

This is a pitfall, in any case, web hosting providers will not turn off your website when you exceed your monthly allocation. In fact, most web hosting companies present that feature as a positive one.

However, you charge for each gigabyte used in addition to your monthly allocation. If you have big traffic to your site and large files to be transferred, you can find yourself with a huge monthly fee. Since hosting is likely to have your credit or debit card on file, as well as fine print that allows them to charge additional transfer charges to your account without your prior approval, you may well know that your so called cheap web hosting is all other than cheap.

The lesson to learn here is quite simple. Read the fine in each transaction. A cheap web hosting can be the perfect solution for some. But for others it may be the difference between staying in a row or having to shut down.

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